We can't operate business until we are vaccinated, Pokhara tourism entrepreneurs say

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POKHARA, July 9: The tourism entrepreneurs based in Pokhara have said they cannot operate their business until the government administered anti-COVID-19 vaccines to the tourism sector workers, employees and entrepreneurs.

The Pokhara Tourism Council, organising a news conference here on Thursday, declared that the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a bane to the tourism entrepreneurs and they cannot run the business until vaccination was ensured to them.

Council president Gopi Bhattarai said the workers, employees and entrepreneurs of the tourism sector should be taken as the front liners and administered the vaccines at the earliest possible.

"The business has not fully come into operation at present. We cannot operate the business until we are vaccinated even if the government gives us the permission to operate the business," he said.

According to him, in several of the international bookings as well, they are asked whether or not the tourism sector workers and employees have been vaccinated. He reiterated that the tourism sector cannot be safe and fully functional until the anti-COVID-19 vaccines are administered to them.

Bhattarai called on the three-tier government to implement the economic policies and programmes contained in their respective policies, programmes and the budget this year as well as in the monetary policy of the last year. 

Stating that they were not in a position to pay the installments and the bank interest on the investment made in the tourism sector unless the sector can be operated easily, he said the Council demanded that the government should pay the interest during that period. 

The Council has also called for fully writing off the tariff and fees under the tourism business topic as well as the transport tax, house rent tax, the business renewal tax that have to be borne by the tourism enterprises.

It also called for bringing special relief and employment creation package programmes for the protection of the labourers and workers dependent on tourism.


National News Agency, Nepal


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