Bibek who entered UAE to work, now an owner of RAFFAE empire

UAE : Bibek Subedi was born in a common household in Damak of the Jhapa district  located in Nepal . His  education was also medium . He fantasised, almost everyday , of creating his own professional world and putting a tag of "a successful businessman "  before his name .

But, he lacked investment , the core requirement for any business even with the willpower and capabilities. Thus, he entered the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 2016,  where he leads his own business empire now.

After 5/6 years of being employed in Dubai,  Subedi embarked on his  business journey with establishing the headquarters of his company in Dubai and selling electronic gadgets of the brand "RAFFAE". Now, he has even acquired the 'Golden Visa' .


In his early couple of years , he had to struggle a lot in a different country with different language , he mentions. 
Nonetheless, he kept going and growing . After a few years of struggle , he started earning 6,000 Dirhams, and as his earning were growing steadily and he was studying the market of Dubai closely , he  thought that he would now start his own business and create jobs for others .
He wanted to grow and  just  not become bounded to being employed .

He credits his family for his success as it seems he has an understanding family  who supported him on his venture into the business world after he had saved a plenty.
The hardworking Bibek, who had saved his wages little by little , established a company on the February of 2023 and  became the owner of his own company . He fulfilled his first dream .
To fulfil his second dream , which was to give employment to as much as hard-working individuals as possible , he pressed on. He then established Sky Blitz Trading LLC with its headquarters in Dubai, which has already made a business transaction of 15 million Dirhams in its first year .

The company has claimed that they plan to expand the business as it is growing and the  electronic gadgets of the RAFFAE brand have become popular in the markets. Bibek has started the "RAFFAE Restaurant & Lounge" in his hometown Damak to expand his business in his homeland and says that he plans to spread it nationwide as well.

Bibek's electronic products of the RAFFAE brand are manufactured in China. Under the brand name, Powerbanks, Adapters, Data-cables, Speakers, Earphones, Earpods and such, are sold in Dubai in about 900 stores there. Along with this, he feels that his customers are satisfied as well, which fuels his ambitions further.

In its first year, the company has employed 30 people of which 12 are Nepalese. In a conversation with Ratopati, Bibek said that he wants to provide employment to hundreds of Nepalese and that he is not satisfied with only this much.

With the establishment of a corporate office in the capital Abu Dhabi, RAFFAE is planning to expand itself all over UAE and other gulf countries as well. The company has set a target to do business transactions worth 50 million Dirhams till the end of 2024.

Bibek added that RAFFAE, which has been distributing for users of smartphone brands like Apple and Android, has planned to take it up a notch. He says that the company will expand its business to Nepal as well, which might take a few years however. They have been selling through stores at the moment, but plan to sell online as well, which they have prioritized.

Bibek Subedi has become an example that proves willpower and hardwork equals to success, and suggests others to work hard and follow their dreams as well.

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