Cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane appeals against 8-year prison sentence

KATHMANDU: Sandeep Lamichhane, the cricketer, has taken his case to the Patan High Court, contesting the decision of the Kathmandu District Court, which handed him an eight-year jail term in a rape case.

Recently, the Kathmandu District Court sentenced Sandeep to eight years in prison, along with a fine of 300,000 rupees and compensation of 200,000 rupees.

Confirming the move, Sandeep's legal representative, Murari Sapkota, stated that they have filed a petition in the High Court, seeking to overturn the verdict and secure Sandeep's acquittal.

"We have submitted the application, and it is currently undergoing registration," Sapkota mentioned.

Accompanied by his legal team, Sandeep appeared before the High Court to formally lodge the petition.

The Kathmandu District Court based its decision on allegations of coercion, claiming Sandeep took advantage of the victim's financial situation and wielded undue influence.

However, Sandeep's appeal to the High Court argues that there is insufficient evidence to support the claims of financial coercion made in the verdict.

Sandeep maintains that the district court's assertions regarding financial transactions lack a solid foundation.

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