Siddhartha Lama Tamang clinches gold and silver at "Battle of The Dragons Championships 2024"

KATHMANDU: Siddhartha Lama Tamang, representing Nepal and showcasing exceptional prowess in Kung Fu Tai Chi, secured the gold medal with an impressive score of 9.1 at the "Battle of The Dragons Championships 2024" held at Tropicana Resort.

Adding to his accolades, Siddhartha Lama Tamang also claimed the silver medal in Kung Fu Weapon category, displaying remarkable skill with a score of 8.7.

The championship, held on January 26th to 28th, saw participation from over 600 athletes from around the globe, demonstrating their proficiency in various martial arts disciplines.

Sanjeet Kumar Rai, another standout talent from Nepal, clinched the gold medal in Kung Fu Creative Form with an impressive score of 8.9.

Siddhartha Lama Tamang, an esteemed figure in the martial arts community, serves as the President for Nepal at the World Toa Federation and the President of Nepal WUMA Kung Fu Association.

Additionally, he holds the prestigious position of Asia Director of the World Martial Arts Committee (WMAC) based in Austria, and is recognized internationally as a Tai-Chi Instructor and esteemed Lawyer.

The achievements of Siddhartha Lama Tamang and Sanjeet Kumar Rai underscore Nepal's growing prominence in the realm of martial arts, highlighting the exceptional talent and dedication of its athletes on the global stage.

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