PM Dahal assures passage of education bill with amendments

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, also known as 'Prachanda', has announced that the School Education Bill currently under review in the Federal Parliament will be passed with necessary amendments.

Addressing a workshop on 'Nepal's Educational Movement and School Education Bill' organized by the Samajbadi Educational Forum, the Prime Minister emphasized the enrichment of the Bill through amendments.

PM Dahal highlighted that discussions on the bill have taken place with both ruling coalition partners and opposition parties. He assured that amendments would be based on proposals submitted in the parliament, incorporating feedback from teachers, trade unions, academicians, students' organizations, stakeholders, and parents.

Furthermore, he reaffirmed the government's commitment to fulfilling past agreements with teachers' associations and other stakeholders.

PM Dahal urged for a positive narrative to combat brain drain, stressing the production of competitive and high-quality human resources.

He emphasized the need to establish the foundation for qualitative progress in education, emphasizing meritocracy and the implementation of reward and punishment mechanisms to enhance the educational sector.

During the event, CPN (Unified Socialist) Vice President Rajendra Pandey emphasized the forum's focus on socialism-oriented education in its debates.

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