PM Dahal stresses realizing potential of federalism

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda" has underscored the importance of harnessing the immense potential brought about by the federal democratic system of governance into tangible opportunities.

Addressing the official ceremony held this morning to commemorate National Democracy Day at Sainik Manch Tundikhel in Kathmandu, he highlighted the necessity of laying a robust foundation for socialism while concurrently fortifying the federal democratic republic.

With the target of elevating Nepal from a least developed nation to a developing nation by 2030, Prime Minister Dahal emphasized that the qualitative enhancement of gross domestic production rests as a fundamental responsibility of the state.

He articulated, "The conventional development model will be reevaluated to prioritize manufacturing and job creation," further adding, "Generating employment opportunities will serve as a deterrent to brain drain."

Asserting that democracy serves as a system pivotal in fostering political, economic, social, and cultural progress with citizen participation, Prime Minister Dahal voiced confidence in the democratic framework where individuals elect their representatives as the bedrock for the nation's advancement and development.

"The only alternative to democracy is progressive democracy," stated Prime Minister Dahal, underlining that addressing observed limitations and weaknesses remains feasible solely within the democratic structure.

He emphasized that with the reinforcement of the democratic republic, along with the effective implementation of federalism and active citizen engagement in state management, the enhancement of people's rights and livelihoods alongside the establishment of socialism's foundation can be realized.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the continual development and sustainability of democracy hinge on public awareness and ownership.

He outlined the vision of forging a society grounded in public interest and welfare through the rule of law, acknowledgment and fulfillment of human rights, gender equality, proportional inclusion, participation, and social justice.

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