NSO report reveals 20.27% of Nepali population below poverty line

KATHMANDU: The National Statistics Office (NSO) has unveiled findings indicating that 20.27% of Nepal's population continues to live below the poverty line.

The release of the Nepal Living Standard Survey (NLSS) 2079-080 highlights the persistent challenge of poverty in the country.

Despite efforts to alleviate poverty, progress has been hindered by the lingering impact of the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The NLSS report underscores the disproportionate burden of poverty, with rural areas experiencing more pronounced levels compared to urban centers.

The poverty rate stands at 18.34% in cities, while rural areas grapple with a higher rate of 24.66%.

During the release program, National Planning Commission Vice-Chairman Dr. Min Bahadur Shrestha lamented the setback in poverty alleviation efforts, attributing it to the compounding effects of the pandemic, natural disasters, and other contributing factors.

The survey further delineates regional disparities in poverty rates, with four provinces exhibiting higher rates compared to the national average.

Sudurpaschim Province registers the highest poverty rate at 34.16%, followed by Karnali Province at 26.69%, Lumbini Province at 24.35%, and Madhes Province at 22.53%.

Conversely, Gandaki Province boasts the lowest poverty rate at 11.88%, followed by Bagmati Province at 12.59% and Koshi Province at 17.19%.

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