Nearly 800,000 Nepali nationals apply for EPS Language Exam in 16 years

KATHMANDU: Over the past 16 years, close to 800,000 Nepali nationals have submitted applications for the EPS Korean Language Examination, aiming to secure employment opportunities in South Korea.

Since 2008, South Korea has been offering work opportunities to Nepali individuals who successfully pass the language examinations.

Similar opportunities are extended to citizens of 16 other countries alongside Nepal.

According to the EPS Korea Section, more than 110,000 Nepali youths have already found employment in Korea, with approximately 45,000 currently working in South Korea.

Between 2008 and 2023, a total of 799,167 individuals filled out application forms for EPS examinations.

Out of these, 585,989 actively participated in the examination, and 164,716 recently submitted new applications.

Among the applicants, 96,221 successfully passed the examination.


Kamal Shrestha, an officer at EPS Korea Section, highlighted that applicants are required to pay a $28 application fee through Khalti online payment. Nepali youths have contributed a total of $22,300,000 to South Korea, with $6,393,000 returned to the EPS Korea Section in Nepal.

Upon selection, successful applicants are expected to incur expenses of around Rs 200,000, despite the government's efforts to reduce this amount to Rs 10,000.

These expenses cover the $28 application fee, $36 for pre-departure orientation and training, as well as costs for health check-ups and air tickets.

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