Writs against TikTok ban scheduled for hearing in bench of Justice Binod Sharma

KATHMANDU, Nov 21: The 10 writs filed in the Supreme Court against the ban on TikTok have been scheduled for a preliminary hearing in the bench of Justice Binod Sharma.

According to Govinda Adhikari, the information officer of the Supreme Court, 10 writs have been filed in the Supreme Court against the ban on TikTok, whose preliminary hearing was said to be done on Monday in the bench of Justice Dr. Kumar Chudal, but was unable to be heard.

The government had decided to shut down TikTok for the time being saying that many offenses were made against Public Courtesy and the TikTok Company did not assist in reducing crimes caused by TikTok and the prosecution of the culprits.

10 writs against the ban on TikTok were registered in the Supreme Court on Friday demanding an interim order to let TikTok run as earlier by annulling the government’s decision by the order of Certiorari.

The writs were filed by Senior Advocate Dinesh Tripathi, Advocates Ananta Raj Luintel, Dr. Sunil Ranjan Singh, Trilok Bahadur Chand, Prem Raj Silwal, Yagyamani Neupane, Farsuram Pandey, etc.

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