Mahadev Tripathi performs in America alongside Bangladeshi singer Mehjabin

KATHMANDU, Nov 7: Popular comedian Mahadev Tripathi ‘Jadugar’, who is currently on a musical tour of America for about a year and a half performed alongside Bangladeshi singer Mehjabin Meha on Monday in New Jersey in a program given the name ‘Happy Dashain and Dipawali’ was organized by ARC For Nepal.

In the program, Tripathi gave performances like Magic, comedy, singing and dancing, while Bangladeshi singer Meha also sang Hindi and Nepali songs.

Meha sang various Hindi movie songs and also sang Nepali songs ‘Samjhana Birsana Salalalala’ and ‘Timro Zero figure’.  She said that she enjoyed singing Nepali songs just as she enjoyed singing Hindi songs.

Rajendra Anjaan Shrestha of ARC For Nepal said that the program was organized with the aim of celebrating Dashain and Tihar with musical programs with Nepalese living in New Jersey.

Tripathi has already performed in various places in the United States of America with artists like Bipul Chhetri, Bina Kumari Dura, Melina Rai, Nima Rumba, Hemanta Rana, Kunti Moktan and Bollywood artists Sonu Nigam, Lucky Ali, Badshah, and many others. He said that he would return to Nepal only after performances in a few more programs in some more places in the US.

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