CG Elex Chatbot: The AI-driven customer support in the digital commerce industry

KATHMANDU, Nov 2: The development of the AI-based CG Elex Chatbot serves as a strategic instrument for boosting customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty through engaging the customers in a more immersive experience related to sales, service and the support CG provides. This AI supports the vision of CG to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction through offering personalized assistance 24/7, addressing complex queries of customers anytime and providing them guidance regarding the buying and support processes.

The CG Elex Chatbot is a revolutionary making as it addresses unique customer support challenges of the current world and the current generation. This generation decides through the internet rather than visiting Bishal Bazaar and entering 9 shops just to choose/bargain/buy a TV. This generation is not going to visit the neighborhood repair shop with his/her broken Microwave oven. They need resolution then and there—fast. And that too at the convenience of home. The CG Elex Chatbot provides instant assistance, simplifies complex product information, operates 24/7, offers personalized recommendations, aids in troubleshooting, streamlines checkout, and continues support after purchase throughout the lifecycle of that buying & product’s lifetime journey, thus, redefining the customer experience by making it more efficient and convenient with massive local user (Nepali) knowledge base.

As the Chatbot is accessible on multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, Web, and Messenger, customer experience is more convenient and efficient. It has been named “Omnichannel Presence”. But currently, this experience is only available within the country. Customers can engage seamlessly across these platforms, enjoying a consistent and user-friendly experience, with easy interactions and flexible engagements, through the chatbot.

Numerous real-world scenarios where customers benefitted from the CG Elex Chatbot in the short span of its launch have already paved the way for the new era of shopping. Some experiences are still fresh. A customer was looking for a washing machine and purchased a washing machine after finding the chatbot’s recommendations helpful and her needs matched. Another customer had an issue with a recently purchased vacuum cleaner; the chatbot efficiently guided her through troubleshooting steps, resolving the problem promptly and without any human intervention. These experiences will help keep us moving and making positive impacts.

AI Technology understands the user intent (interest) and devises responses according to the input provided by the users based on the ever-growing and self-training Chatbot knowledge base. This wonderful technology that CG has embraced is called Machine Learning (ML).

The CG Elex Chatbot effectively understands the concerns and issues of a customer through its NLU process and helps to resolve the issues by providing guidance based on Frequently Asked Questions connecting them with a live agent /relevant person or even navigating them to the nearest branch/service centre. Timely and correct resolution surely increases customer satisfaction. When a patron needs or wants to talk with a live agent in person, to either resolve payment related to a third party or discuss unsure/vague requirements, he/she can opt to talk with a live agent in person.

For the security of the Chatbot, authentication and authorization are two main processes CG has embraced. Two-factor Authentication, End-to-End Encryption, Web Application Firewalls, etc. are some of the best practices embraced to ensure chatbot security. Apart from these, Data Security is strictly practiced, particularly when dealing with regulatory frameworks for storing customers’ personal information, for which different measures have been taken, such as storing limited personal data and a policy for who can access the data and to what level. The data used for analytical purposes are also ensured so that the personal details of customers are preserved.

A wide range of services, from product registration to EMI information, can be zeroed down to two things; the two pillars which are the backbone of the Chatbot system, Support buying decisions, and real-time support. The moment a customer engages with the Chatbot, it simplifies the purchase and the customer is offered support in real-time. The Chatbot can understand Contextual conversation through NLU, the advanced sentiment analysis, which will enable the Chatbot to detect and respond to user emotions, enhancing the empathy and processing of user sentiments.

The CG Elex Chatbot provides immersive experiences with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) environments, enabling interactive conversation and demonstration. Users will also be able to engage the Chatbot through speech, images and videos soon, with the ongoing development of voice and visual interactions. Some of CG’s products already have “Smart Remote Diagnosis” integrated, which CG is planning to integrate to Chatbot as well, so that, the CG Elex Chatbot will be able to troubleshoot efficiently with its extensive knowledge base. 

The CG Elex Chatbot is also able to handle, access and provide brand-specific information. The Chatbot was developed from the Multi-brand concept. CG has been working on it for a decade now and the Chatbot is also capable of handling any brand-specific queries in its own data silos defined in a central database. The Chatbot not only understands Brands but can even categorize and classify brand-specific queries.
CG aims to make the Chatbot more conversational, with multimedia capabilities by processing and understanding images/videos to answer queries and use iOTs for smart diagnosis and proactive engagements. Plus, CG will be adding conversational interfaces to the Chatbot very soon and integrate this with CRM. 

AI-driven customer support in the digital commerce industry is the next big thing, with the entrance of the Chatbot. The conversational capabilities which erase the line between machine and human in terms of automating routine tasks, is the advantage of the Chatbot. Currently, the Chatbot is capable of human-AI collaboration by passing relevant information to each other, but very soon, AI will be capable of handling complete information on its own. The user won’t even know the difference between the two (human and AI). Adding voice to the AI is another forte we are planning to have soon. The future will surely turn out even more exciting.

(Shakya is the Information Head at CG group.)

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