Talks with Chinese President Xi was encouraging: Prachanda

BEIJING, Sep 24 Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said that he was excited about the meeting and discussions with Chinese President Xi Jinping held on Saturday.

Prime Minister Dahal said so this evening while addressing a reception organized by the Embassy of Nepal in Beijing.

The talks remained very fruitful and it would contribute to further deepening the bilateral relations, the PM expressed his confidence.

"The China visit this time has become unique and remarkable achievements have been made. I have realized that a further environment of confidence has been created for the country from the talks," he added.

Likewise, the PM said that the visit has added a new chapter in the centuries-old Nepal-China relations adding that the discussions were also held on the areas of investment in new sectors for the development assistance in Nepal.

During his speech at the reception, the PM said that his government has taken the policy to also collaborate with the private sector.

The PM further said that his visit was focused on making different dimensions of Nepal-China relations more robust and ensuring cooperation and understanding in the areas of agriculture, tourism, health, education and others in future.

Earlier, the PM had addressed the Nepal-China Business Summit on the theme "Facilitating Investments in Nepal: An Interaction with Chinese Business Enterprises" in Beijing urging the investors from China to invest in Nepal and reap benefits.

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