We will cooperate with like-minded parties if there is no national consensus on President: Maoist Center

KATHMANDU, Feb. 4: The CPN (Maoist Center) will seek national consensus as much as possible for the president and if national consensus cannot be reached, it will cooperate with those who have similar views. This was discussed in the Standing committee meeting of the party held at the party central office in Paris Danda on Saturday. Speaking to the media after the meeting, leader Devendra Paudel said that he would try to reach an agreement as much as possible for the President, and if no agreement could be reached, they would proceed together with those with like-minded ideas, perspectives, objectives, and goals. He said that they are open to discussions with all parties as they have given a vote of confidence to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

He said, "Party organization was discussed in today's meeting, we will all go to fields for 2 months, meet the people apart from the party line and after 2 months, we will have a central committee meeting with the report and move forward with a new action plan. Because within 2 months, the election of the President, the election of the Vice President, anything can happen. After that, we will hold a meeting of the central committee and move forward. For that, we will try to agree as much as possible, and then we will proceed with the remaining work. If we can't reach an agreement, we will move forward together with those who have the same ideas, viewpoints, objectives, and goals. We are open to all parties, the Prime Minister is supported by all parties, and it is good that we all move forward together. Nothing was said about the Home Minister, we will proceed in a new way in a new vein. We don't want to leave UML out, we want to move forward together with everyone.'' He said that they did not want to provoke the power partner party CPN-UML and said that they were trying to move forward together.

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