PHOTOS: Nepal Sambat being marked today

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KATHMANDU, Oct 26: 1143th Nepal Sambat is being marked across the country on Wednesday. 

The Newar community celebrates this occasion as their new year. 

Mha Puja is being observed by people of the Newar community today on the fourth day of Tihar.

Mha Pooja literally refers to self worship, making offerings to one’s body, highlighting on respecting the self.

The national hero, Shankhadhar Sakhwa is credited with initiating the Nepal Sambat in 880 AD by freeing the poor from their debt during the reign of the Lichhavi dynasty king Raghav Dev.

According to historian Dr Triratna Manandhar, the Nepal Sambat calendar was recognised as the state calendar until the reign of King Prithvi Narayan Shah. 

Here are some pictures taken by Ratopati photojournalist Subhash Shrestha in the Kathmandu Valley:



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