Cinderella, Snowwhite and Rapunzel: Average girls in this era

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In the long run of COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps longer than Rapunzel’s hair, we would be able to see many stories and many sides of the same story. These real stories do not come under school books. 2020-21 surely has her own story to tell. Before diving into 2020-21, let us reflect on what stories we have read in the past days.

The three most famous Disney characters of Disney; Cinderella, Snowwhite and Rapunzel, are celebrated globally. These three girls have left a remarkable image in people of every era. Right from the era of their origin, their story still carries the same amount of magic in every part of the world and brings a smile to the face of a listener. 

Cinderella was a poor, hardworking girl and always struggled to consume four types of food groups in a day for a balanced diet. Without a loving mother, she was an undernourished child grown into an undernourished adolescent. Rapunzel had a good meal everyday but freedom was inaccessible to her. Every moment, her mind revolved around stepping outside the tower she was locked into. Snowwhite was loved by her father and almost got killed by her step mother. Unaware of her step-mother’s intention, she was exposed to risk of death in her own palace.

If Rapunzel’s story might have continued even after they lived happily ever after, her hair’s magical healing power would have been no more healing. Getting married with the thief (story’s character Mr. Right) and a couple of children would have kept her busy. It’s likely she might have preferred keeping short hair. Her husband would have been an encouragement in her life to lead her country as a Queen. There would have been her second story as a queen with short hair, equally popular, been told to every kid as a source of inspiration or even appeared in textbooks.

Similarly, Cinderella would have lived the life of a queen too. She might have had the privilege to wear all kinds of beautiful dresses one could ever dream of (without the presence of a magician). Also, she might have kept the remaining unbroken sparkling glass shoe (another was broken) in her living room as a decoration. Meantime, fashion designing, she would have pursued after marriage. She was heavily creative and talented in fashion designing since the days of her struggle. Apart from hard work, it came naturally to her and she was gifted in designing. An example of a designer, brilliant wife, mother and an amazing queen to her king, she would be called.

Snowwhite’s life might have come to a peaceful end. Prince Charming might have kept her happy. The snow-like white color of her skin must have still been the same and beautiful. After being friends with animals in the forest for such a long time, she would have decided to turn vegetarian. The seven Dwarves, who once saved her life, would have been in touch with her, visiting her regularly. Maybe Snowwhite would have operated a forest conservation and wildlife protection campaign with her seven Dwarves friends.

This is what their life would have been after they lived happily ever after. But if you want to learn what they will be doing in this era, you should be reading the next paragraph.

In real life, when Cinderella, Snowwhite and Rapunzel go out on a cold evening, they will not be under the time limit to return by midnight. Magic will not stop working after midnight but definitely, they will require time and again make-up and touch up. Their dresses were oriented towards their comfort.

Rapunzel may be witnessed complaining about having abundant hair fall. She will be sharing the review of the products that are not preventing hair fall and now will be switching to the home-based remedies and look forward to such advice. Snowwhite might say, “She recently started a skin care routine for dark circles and pigmentation.” Cinderella will have moved on to sneakers and is no more interested in heels. She may want to give her dozens of heels to somebody who can take care of them and wear them with elegance.

In a few more decades, when they will grow old and go on a night out, they might laugh at their younger self. Perhaps, they would have gained weight, developed fine lines and wrinkles, mastered make-up skills and earned a good sum of money to buy their happiness. One of them might have stopped going to the gym while the other would have just got motivation to get a gym membership. 

But what other people think and comment about them would have minimally affected. Most importantly, they are vaccinated, have a positive attitude and carefree about their body images.  Their conversation would have concluded on being self and not letting yourself compare with others. Infact, they couldn’t agree more that practicing self-love is healing and being self opens up their boundary in being the best version of oneself.

The conclusion is: 

i) the generation gap they are experiencing with the older as well as younger generation (they find themselves relatable to oldies feedback and suggestion, however, can’t deny what the younger people are adding up to)

ii) the different perspective of different people (and the approach you make toward those different perspectives of people shapes you)  

iii) all the things we think exist in our head mostly (listen or don’t listen to what people have to say about you, just do what you want to do if that brings you peace and happiness).

Sajama Nepali

Author is a Public Health Professional. 


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