12 songs that add color to Dashain festival

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KATHMANDU: With the arrival of Dashain at our doorstep, people tend to listen to and watch Malshree music and Dashain songs. Radios,  televisions, shopping centers and vehicles play such songs and music. The songs do not only entertain people but also add extra color to the festival which is celebrated with much fanfare. 

Every year, new Dashain songs are released in the Nepali music industry. However, there are some songs that have already been synonymous to the largest festival celebrated in the country. People have to say that the ‘old’ songs inherit the original flavor of Nepali culture, society and more importantly the true sense of the festival observed for 15 days ---- from Ghatasthapana to Kojagrat Poornima. 

Below is the list of those songs and music which are a part of the festival in Nepali society. 

1. Malshree Music 

This is probably the most heard and used music during the Dashain festival. Also known as ‘Mangal Dhun’ [ Sacred Music], it is used to worship goddesses as per the Hindu tradition. This music is an integral part of the nine-day celebration of Navratri [from the first day to the ninth day]. The music has different forms for all nine days. 

2. Barsha Dinko Yo Bada Dashain Jamara Kamero Laaiena 

Produced by the Nepal Armed Police Force (APF), the song has been written, composed and sung by Jaya Nanda Lama. The song is usually a favorite among the security personnel and their relatives among others. 

3. Dashain Nai Ho Ki, Yo Mero Dashain 

This is one of the songs played frequently during the festival of Dashain. Sung by Yogeshwor Amatya, the song has been composed in rock pop style. The song, which also includes satire, is also a favorite among the older generations as well. 

4. Barsha Ra Dinko Ramailo Chad Gau Gharma Aaipugyo 

Included in the Nepali movie Muglan, this song expresses the emotions of a mother waiting for her son’s arrival from abroad. 

5. Namuchhe Aama Dahima Tika

This song is one of the frequently played during this festival. Expressing the heart touching story of a man abroad, this song was written by Laxman Rayamajhi during the India-Pak War. 

6. Rato Tika Nidharma

This is a romantic song from the movie Allare. This song is used mostly in cultural programs and parties during the festival. This song has been reproduced recently. 

7. Feri Aayo Dashain Ra Tihar

The song expresses the story of a Nepali family through which husband and wife share their complaints and troubles for not being able to gather at the festival. The husband, who is away from the home for employment, and his wife, who is desperate to have him, reflect the true story of Nepalis society. 

8. Barshama Din Lai Lai 

Sung by Sugam Pokharel, this song is favorite among young generations of late. The song portrays the Dashain and Tihar festivals as a source of happiness and fun. 

9. Yaspali Dashainma Thuldai Aaune Re 

The song expresses the happiness among younger siblings as their eldest brother is coming home from abroad. 

10. Aama Bida Paudina 

Sung by folk singer Badri Pangeni, this song tells the tale of a son who is unable to come home during the festival as he is not granted leave. 

11. Thalai Bhari Rato Rato Akshata 

One of the popular songs during the Dashain festival, this number expresses the happiness of a mother upon the arrival of her son from abroad. 

12. Faujilai Kun Ho Dashain 

This is another popular song produced by the APF. The song expresses the responsibility of security personnel to serve the country even during the festive season. 



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