Regmi for a review of the constitutional practice

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KATHMANDU, September 18: The then Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Khil Raj Regmi, has said that it is important to look back at where our constitutional practice is heading in the seventh year of the promulgation of the Constitution.

Addressing an event organized on the occasion of Constitution Day, Regmi urged all to move forward unitedly to realize the objectives and goals of the Constitution with good practice for the prosperous future of Nepali nationals.

"We must focus on political stability, efficient management and operation of the governance to achieve development and economic prosperity," Regmi, also a former Chief Justice, said. He called on the government and all political parties to save the people from despair and dissatisfaction from all quarters.

 After the first Constituent Assembly was dissolved on June 6, 2012 without a Constitution, the government led by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Regmi, had successfully held the election of the second Constituent Assembly on November 19, 2013. The Constituent Assembly promulgated the Constitution of Nepal on September 20, 2015.

The goal of the Constitution and the dream of a prosperous society cannot be realized in a situation where work has stalled due to untimely budget management. “Isn't it the inaction of governance of the state and unresponsiveness of politics when the situation is left in disarray without thinking of any alternative, '' he said.

Stating that the constitution will be a living document only if it works in the public interest and in the interest of the nation, he clarified that the parliament is the forum for discussion and exit of all matters of national importance in a democratic parliamentary system. "If we are always immature and ineffective and turn away from the opportunity, the basis for building a prosperous future will always be uncertain and directionless,"

Regmi said. Former Chief Justice Regmi also maintained that today, the role of the parliament has been made secondary. “There is a tendency to seek a solution to the problem from outside the parliament. Is the parliament just a tool to form and dissolve the government?" he added.

Likewise, stating that the credibility of the constitutional body is declining, he expressed surprise that if we don't come to our senses even when the constitutional provision of control and balance is faltering then when we will.



National News Agency, Nepal


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