Suicide rampant than COVID-19 in Karnali

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SURKHET: The number of people committing suicide is higher than that of those dying of the coronavirus infection in Karnali Province in the past one year. 

Karnali reported a total of 339 fatalities linked with coronavirus infection in the past year (until mid-July, 2021). 

As many as 362 people, however, committed suicide in the same period, meaning suicide turned out to be deadlier than coronavirus in terms of loss of human lives. 

Of the ten districts in the province, the number of corona-related deaths is higher than that of suicidal deaths in Surkhet. While the number of suicidal fatalities is higher in other districts. See the data below: 

Districts    Suicide    COVID-19 

Surkhet    128    201

Dailekh    57    24

Jajarkot    30    3

Rukum West    35    31

Salyan    71    52

Jumla    18    11

Humla    3    4

Dolpa    -    5

Mugu    5    3

Kalikot    15    5

Total        362    339




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