Students in Pandemic: One More Perspective

Life had never been more complicated in the modern time like it has been for the last couple of years. Humanity is facing the greatest challenge from a mortal virus COVID-19, a name that indexes the year it started. Among all the hits, one of the hardest hits has been the sector of education, especially, schools where millions of students attending primary and secondary schools are virtually stranded.

While the big picture of students losing schools and classes seems terrifying, the global scenario is more horrible if we zoom in on individual cases. Alternative that was applied during and hitherto, virtual classes, is one big opportunity and chance that technological advancement assisted immediate tripartite stakeholders- schools, students and teachers. Guardians of these students, the fourth aspect, is still in a dilemma whether it really is helping the academic achievement of their children or not.

Developing countries like Nepal are obviously the primary victims since we lack proper physical facilities regarding online classes and its uninterrupted regulations. Already lagging behind in implementing adequate academic dynamics, we are derailed in an abyss that is unfathomable both policy-wise and result-wise, at least for the instance. Present is vividly upsetting as is its consequence which we will face in the immediate future. So, covering the scars behind and to illuminate psychological strength, I think these four fold observable practices, about to be defined below, for the united school system (students, teachers, guardians and schools) will render a solace:

Reconsidering ‘the knowledge’

Utmost emphasis the formal education puts about knowledge is a diverse study on core considered subjects like mathematics, language, fundamental science and society. Students read, remember and rewrite lessons gained in these disciplines. Curriculum is designed to enlighten on these very subjects which eventually molds the apprehension process of students; and fear resides whether students grasp them or not from primary to secondary education. And in fact, knowledge isn’t confined merely within the mentioned disciplines. Every aware individual is responsible to convey this particular insight to the schoolchildren.

Embracing ‘culture’

Active hours of the students are invested in classrooms and school compounds. Extra-curricular activities (ECA) are fashioned to assimilate the students to address their missing life and learning beyond the compound walls, they would engage in if they weren’t inside school, during broad daylight hours. Meanwhile, the confined state of students in the home is a chance to internalize and commence apprehending the domestic environment and blending in in the pragmatic homely atmosphere. Nothing hinders parents to enlighten a child on pragmatic culture and behavior science while they are in the lap.

Observing ‘ecology’

Despite all the adversities, the pandemic was in favor of a green world. We have witnessed and experienced the change that occurred in the world of flora and fauna. Liberally moving wildlife, the clear blue sky to be seen after a very long time and flourishing bushes around the buffer zones of forests or vicinity of human settlement was one satisfying phenomena instigated because of the human absence outdoors. Students will never be able to notice these marvels, at least not very soon in the future. So, ecological observation is a vital opportunity for the resting students, to realize that the mother earth is apparently disturbed by the exponential human activities and to heed upon the fact to remember for lifetime.

Recording ‘routine’

Particularly, schooling is the busiest schedule in a child’s life. But during this pandemic period, they are spending valuable time with their parents in a domestic environment. Most fruitful activity a student should follow is a registration routine during a pandemic. A day will certainly arrive in the life of these children to recall and convey the pathos of pandemic to their descendants. Modern world is not very resistant, apparently, to the upcoming hazards. Also, the historical pandemics have been reoccurring in every century or in approximation. The experiences, lessons and precautions on the one hand where challenges, opportunities and dealing on the other, are assets for future generations.

Consequences are inevitable in the global sphere soon after the post-pandemic sunrise. Nevertheless, the entire civilization has been and is flourishing in a consistent positive hope for tomorrow. Leaving all the sufferings and backlashes, the time leaves no alternative rather to know how to move ahead. In the meantime, the joint effort of parents, teachers and every senior is the crucial vitamin that boosts optimism as well mental strength of the fragile young generation whom we recognize as ‘students’.

(Writer is a former Principal of a Kathmadu-based secondary school, Email: [email protected])

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