Domestic violence, changing lifestyle fuel divorce in Rolpa

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Rolpa – At a time when the domestic violence and changing lifestyle have been taken as the major reasons behind growing cases of divorce, the growing public awareness about domestic violence have encouraged women to register for divorce in Rolpa. 

Divorce cases have increased in the district, according to the District Police Office. The district court, Rolpa, recorded 31 divorce cases in the fiscal year 2074/075, up from nine in the FY 2073/074. 

Of the total 117 applications registered for divorce in the FY 2074/075, 82 were reconciled. Similarly, out of 88 applications filed for divorce in the FY 2073/074, 79 were mediated. 

Domestic violence against women and family disputes are blamed in large to the increasing divorce. Fifty five percent cases registered in the district court belong to divorce, according to the court. 

Divorce affects the whole family and education, health and livelihood of children in particular, said social rights activists. 
Mediator Tirtha Acharya said, "The trend of getting marriage at the age of 13-14 years and divorcing at the age of 20-22 years has increased." 

She added women have been compelled to file for divorce due to various reasons as the domestic violence- beating by male ones after consuming alcohol- and the changing lifestyle caused by the overseas employment. 

Although the local government has run different programmes to reduce cases of domestic violence with priority, it has not decreased. According to the District Police office, Rolpa, police have been launching campaign to reduce domestic violence by organising street drama and different awareness programme. 

Deputy Superintendent of Police of Rolpa, Gyanendra Phunyal, said though incidents of domestic violence had occurred in the past, very minimal number of victims visited the police office for complaints. 

He argued, "Now, increasing cases of domestic violence have come into light after victims started filing complaints without any hesitation following the awareness programmes run by police office and other bodies." 


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