Malekhu and Bairani under darkness

Malekhu –Locals at Galchhi Rural Municipality-6 Baireni, Maheshdobhan and Gajuri Rural Municipality-2 Malekhubazaar in the district are living under darkness for two weeks. 

The sheer negligence of Nepal Electricity Authority to restore electricity service has caused problem at settlements just 20 minutes' walking distance from the highway, said a local Keshav Adhikari. 

However, the NEA local office has provided power to the sand processing industries after cutting the supply to the localities. The NEA local unit has stated that it had to cut off the power supply to the settlements as there is the risk of accident and fire due to the chafing of supply lines to the settlements and the industries due to wind. 
Locals have complained to the electricity office, the ward office and provincial lawmakers as well but the problem is not heard yet. 

However, NEA Gajuri branch office Chief Toran Kumar Pokharel said that they will initiate to resume the service after sending a technical team soon. 

Similarly, the power supply has been disrupted in and around Malekhu bazaar due to the same reason. With the power disruption, the bazaar famous for fish items is facing hardship to preserve the fish. 

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