Nepali diplomatic delegation in Portugal facilitates e-passport services for citizens

LISBON: A delegation of Nepali diplomats from the Embassy of Nepal in France has arrived in Portugal to extend passport-related services to Nepali nationals residing in the country.

Led by Deputy Chief of Mission Sita Basnet from the Embassy in Paris, the team has established an enrollment center in the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, to facilitate applications for e-passports.

Commencing their duties on Sunday, the team, in collaboration with the Honourary Consulate General, has initiated the collection of biometric data from 54 individuals, including Nepali children born in Portugal, on the first day.

Basnet elaborated that the team would focus on collecting details for e-passports from individuals meeting specific criteria. These include those whose passports were lost or damaged, individuals whose passport's expiration date falls on or before December 31, 2023, those who have registered for biometrics with the Immigration Agency of Portugal until April 30, 2024, and Nepali children born in Portugal.

The team aims to process applications for approximately 100 individuals per day, with the service camp scheduled to operate for a week until March 31.

This initiative underscores the commitment of Nepali diplomatic missions abroad to cater to the needs of Nepali citizens residing overseas, ensuring their access to essential services such as passport issuance and renewal.

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