Nepal ranks 93rd in World Happiness Report

KATHMANDU: Amidst the unveiling of the 2024 World Happiness Report, Nepal emerges at the 93rd spot among 143 countries surveyed.

Finland continues its reign at the top for the seventh consecutive year, closely followed by Denmark and other Nordic nations securing top positions.

While the top 10 countries remain largely unchanged since pre-COVID times, there's been notable fluctuation in the subsequent rankings, particularly with Eastern European transition countries like Chechnya, Lithuania, and Slovenia experiencing increased happiness levels.

Delving deeper into the report, it reveals a fascinating insight into the journey of life satisfaction across various age groups and regions.

Most nations witness a gradual decline in life satisfaction from childhood to adulthood, yet globally, young people aged 15-24 continue to report higher levels of contentment compared to older adults.

However, this trend is shifting, with Western Europe seeing a narrowing gap and North America experiencing a reversal due to declining satisfaction among the youth.

On the flip side, Sub-Saharan Africa showcases a notable rise in youth life satisfaction.

Highlighting a broader perspective, the report underscores the positive trajectory of life satisfaction among young people aged 15-24 from 2006 to 2019, with stability maintained since then.

This reaffirms the evolving landscape of happiness and satisfaction on a global scale.

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