ICC President Greg Barclay meets Sports Minister Shrestha

KATHMANDU: President of the International Cricket Council (ICC), Greg Barclay, engaged in a productive meeting with Minister for Youth and Sports, Biraj Bhakta Shrestha, at the latter's office in Singh Durbar on Wednesday.

The discussions centered on strategies for fostering the development and popularization of cricket in Nepal, underscoring the sport's significance in the nation's sporting landscape.

Expressing the ICC's steadfast commitment to bolstering Nepal's cricketing journey, President Barclay acknowledged the sport's growing popularity within the country and its increasing prominence on the global stage.

In response, Minister Shrestha extended gratitude for the ICC's support thus far and reiterated the ministry's unwavering dedication to leveraging cricket as a catalyst for youth empowerment and national pride.

Barclay's visit to Kathmandu, spanning four days, marks a pivotal opportunity for reinforcing collaboration between Nepal and the ICC, with a shared vision of nurturing cricket talent and enhancing the sport's accessibility across communities.

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