Nepal to take on Namibia in batting challenge after losing toss

KATHMANDU: In a twist of fate, Nepal found themselves on the receiving end of the toss decision, as Namibia opted to extend them an invitation to bat first in the ICC CWC League 2 opener.

The Tribhuvan University Cricket Ground witnessed an air of anticipation as Nepal, despite the toss setback, geared up to face the challenge head-on against Namibia.

This match marks the commencement of the rigorous selection process for the upcoming ICC World Cup set for 2027.

Nepal's hosting of the ICC Men’s CWC League 2 from February 15th to February 25th promises a captivating display of cricketing prowess, with Namibia and Netherlands poised as formidable opponents.

Amidst the tactical maneuvers, the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) recently introduced fresh blood into the squad, welcoming Dev Khanal and Anil Shah, both hailed for their remarkable performances in the recent ODI skirmishes against Canada.

With eight cricketing powerhouses, including Nepal, Netherlands, Namibia, Canada, Oman, Scotland, the UAE, and the USA, battling it out, the stage is set for a thrilling tournament where every run counts.

Fixture Reminder:

Nepal vs Namibia – February 15th

Netherlands vs Nepal – February 17th

Namibia vs Netherlands – February 19th

Nepal vs Namibia – February 21st

Netherlands vs Namibia – February 23rd

Netherlands vs Nepal – February 25th

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