Discord Decides File Links Will Only Work for 24 Hours

Expiring links means less malware and 'a safer and more secure experience for users.'

Nov 6: Discord is switching to using file links that expire in a bid to stop the platform from being used to host malware.

As Bleeping Computer reports, all links to off-platform files posted on Discord will expire after 24 hours. As Discord explains:

"Discord is evolving its approach to attachment CDN (content delivery network) URLs in order to create a safer and more secure experience for users. In particular, this will help our safety team restrict access to flagged content, and generally reduce the amount of malware distributed using our CDN."

Users who regularly use Discord to host files are going to have to find an alternative hosting solution once this change is implemented. Files can still be linked to, but they will now only form temporary links. As to when this change will happen, Discord is hoping to complete the work and have its "authentication enforcement" checks operational before the end of the year.

Back in August, Discord.io suffered a major breach and was shut down temporarily following a hack that allowed its entire database to be downloaded. Malware is a constant threat to services and individuals, with Facebook recently having ads that distributed malware and seemingly innocent search terms that can lead kids to malware-filled websites.


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