Iran foils 30-explosion terrorist plot targetting capital: ministry

TEHRAN, Sep 25: The Iranian intelligence has foiled a terrorist plot targetting multiple crowded places here in the Iranian capital and arrested 28 suspects, the Intelligence Ministry said on Sunday.

In a statement published on its website, the ministry said 30 simultaneous explosions had been planned, with an aim to disrupt national security, create fear among the people, and provoke unrest on the anniversary of last fall's riots.

"The intelligence forces attacked the terrorists' hideouts and bases in the provinces of Tehran, Alborz and West Azarbaijan and arrested all members of the terror network," said the statement.

It added that the arrestees were affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) group, and some of them had contact with what Iran claimed as "Takfiri terrorists" in Syria, or travel records toward Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

The statement listed some of the equipment and gear seized during the operations as large amounts of explosives, bombs, materials for making them, 100 detonators, electronic tools and devices for making time bombs, 17 American pistols, along with their bullets, smart communication and satellite devices, military outfits, suicide vests, and foreign currency notes.

The ministry noted that two intelligence personnel were injured during the operations when they prevented a suicide explosion from damaging nearby houses.

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