Teachers to go on strike disobeying Metropolitan City's warning

KATHMANDU, Sep 20: The teachers have decided to disobey the directives of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and go on strike. The Metropolitan City had issued a warning against the teachers not to go on a protest, which the teachers have disobeyed.

A meeting between 84 headmasters and other teachers and staff was held on Wednesday. The meeting decided to disobey the Metropolitan City's warning and continue the protests that started today.

Narayan Gautam, the headmaster of Padmodaya Secondary School, made the decision to go on a strike along with the signatures of 84 headmasters from the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. He said that the teachers would not back down from their protests.

They have decided to go on a protest when the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has warned them not to close schools. Narayan Gautam, principal of Padmodaya Mavi, said that the decision was taken to go on strike. He informed that the decision was made with the signatures of 84 principals in the metropolis to not back down from the movement.

All 1800 public school teachers of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City have decided to close the schools during the protest. Headmaster Gautam said that the schools will be opened during the holidays to cover the course missed during the protest.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City had directed the teachers not to close the schools and threatened to take action against them if they hampered the education of the students. However, the teaching staff have ignored their warning and are protesting against the School Education Bill registered in the parliament.

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