Nepalese documentary short film 'Ritto Gaun' set to release globally

KATHMANDU, Sep 17: The first look poster of the documentary film 'Ritto Gaun' has been unveiled. The Nepalese short film was produced by Ananda Raj Production in association with Ramro Entertainment.

The poster features a woman with a tuki (lamp) as she is searching for something. Only one actor, Hiunwala Gautam, is on the poster. The cast of the film includes popular actor Mukun Bhushal, veteran actor Subas Gajurel, and newcomer Savina Raut. The production team has made it clear that, aside from the first-look poster, no promotional materials will be released.

Directed by Ramji Gnawali, this film is centred around a contemporary narrative in a Nepalese village. Director Gnawali has shared that the film will receive special screenings in major cities in Nepal and abroad.

"Our village may be remote, but it harbours countless untold stories. We aim to shed light on one such poignant tale," said Gnawali. He expressed that this film is a must-see for all Nepalese, and it will be showcased in communities where Nepalese reside.

The release of the first look poster has generated considerable buzz. It is evident from the poster that "Ritto Gaun" seeks to profoundly depict the harsh realities experienced in many hilly regions of Nepal.

Gnawali has previously produced acclaimed short films like "Darkmoon," "Honeymoon," "Aaradhya," and directed various music videos. He brings over a decade of experience in entertainment journalism to this project.

The short film is produced by Anand Raj Sharma Wagle and includes Prem Bhurtel, Narayan Kandel, Kunal Kayal and others as executive producers. The assistant director of the film is Dinesh Bahadur Rawat, and Niraj Kandel serves as the Director of Photography. 

Producer Anand Raj Sharma Wagle revealed that the first special screening will be held in Kathmandu, with all proceeds earmarked for the Nepalese cricket team. He explained, "We are in discussions about future plans, but the funds raised from the premiere will contribute to the cricket field. We intend to allocate a portion of subsequent proceeds for social service." 

Sharma Wagle emphasized that this eight-day documentary film will not be immediately available on  OTT Platform. The film features colour grading by Rajendra Moktan and editing by Nahakul Khadka.

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