Mindtunes Production unveils 'Pankhaharu' on Children's Day

KATHMANDU, Sep 16: Mindtunes Production has released its debut song titled 'Pankhaharu' on the occasion of National Children's Day, celebrated every year on Bhadra 29.

The song is a beautiful ode to the spirit of childhood and today's parenting concept and is bound to capture the hearts of listeners of all ages.

The collaboration of Bhaskar Swar and Subash Poudel, both music producers and composers, has resulted in a captivating blend of melodies with their debut song 'Pankhaharu', which is a remarkable gift to the world on National Children's Day.

Mindtunes Production is a music composition and recording studio which was founded in 2023 after Bhaskar Swar and Subash Poudel joined forces in the heart of Kathmandu. The lyrics of their debut song were penned by Bhaskar Swar.

The song's lyrical content touches upon the challenges of modern parenting and education systems. It encourages parents and educators to avoid overwhelming children with excessive cultural traditions and unnecessary knowledge before they are developmentally ready to grasp them. Instead, it urges them to allow children to grow naturally, unburdened by unrealistic expectations.

In the spirit of "Pankhaharu," Bhaskar Swar and Subash Poudel remind us that childhood is a time of innocence, curiosity, and wonder. The voices of thirteen young children lend authenticity and charm to this heartfelt song.

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