Cumin, Coriander And Other Indian Spices That Can Fuel Your Weight Loss Goals

There is no shortcut to weight loss, say nutritionists and fitness experts. Following a diet regimen that suits your conditions and sweating it out at the gym are the best ways to shed those extra kilos, they believe. Yes, it's true that hard work at the gym and mindful eating are the cornerstones of a successful weight management programme. But simple home remedies can also work wonders when it comes to battling the bulge. Many of these remedies are hiding in your kitchen itself. Take cumin and coriander for example. These two popular Indian spices, the essential ingredients in most of our recipes, can be your best weight-loss buddies. They improve your digestive capacity by boosting metabolism, a crucial factor for shedding those extra kilos. Apart from these two, there are quite a few other spices that can help you get the body of your dreams. Here is a low-down on them.


Your digestive system needs to function efficiently for you to lose weight. Coriander, or dhania is known to improve your digestion. That is why it is used in many as a medicine to help you get rid of tummy troubles. Moreover, the antioxidants in this spice rev up your immunity too. Keeping your defence mechanism strong is the priority now, in the COVID-19 context.


This spice aids in weight loss by fast-tracking the fat-burning process, revving up your digestive mechanism and suppressing your hunger. Cumin or jeera secretes an enzyme that plays a crucial role in metabolising sugar, carbohydrates and fats. This helps you digest food easily and shed those extra kilos. Hunger control is another significant aspect of weight loss. Jeera prevents you from overeating by acting as an appetite suppressant. Apart from this, cumin is also a good option for helping you get rid of toxins from the body. Having a glass of jeera water can act as a great detox drink.


Like cumin, these seeds can also curb your food cravings, thanks to its high fibre content. You don't overeat when your hunger is in control. Apart from acting as a hunger suppressant, the fibre in fenugreek protects your digestive tract from free radical damage. These seeds boost metabolism too.

Black Pepper

This popular spice not only adds flavour to our foods, it also comes with a plethora of health benefits. A compound found in black pepper, known as piperine, improves your metabolic function while ensuring that fat isn't accumulated in your body. It also helps in efficient nutrition absorption and immune function. Having black pepper with tea has been found to be effective against obesity.


Like many other Indian spices, cardamom also stimulates your digestive enzymes and promotes healthy metabolism, crucial factors for weight loss. Chewing a few pods of this spice or having them with your tea can yield the best results.

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