Panch Pokhari, an attractive destination for Janai Purnima

Panch Pokhari is a wonderful travelling destination full of natural lustres. Panch Pokhari, literally translated as five ponds, is a tourist destination with its own cultural and religious significance and beliefs.

The lake is located at Panch Pokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality in the Sindhupalchowk District. It is a two-day journey from the capital city, Kathmandu.

The bus to Panch Pokhari leaves at 6:30 in the morning from Jorpati in the capital city. It takes around 6 hours to reach the bus's final stop, Chhinti Bazar.

You should rest and dine in Chhinti Bazar for a while before continuing your journey. You will need to travel by foot as the road is not developed for vehicles. The uphill road might tire you but the nature around you will distract you from the tiresome path. You might enjoy the scenery such as greenery, rivers, waterfalls and rural life while walking.

You will reach Tuppi Dada Top Kharka after walking uphill for a few hours. You have to spend your night here. After travelling through Topkharka Norshingpati and Lauribina, you will finally reach your destination.

Panch Pokhari is one of the best destinations for religious folks and nature lovers. Five ponds in one place, surrounded by white mountains and a cold climate, flowers of different colours blooming all over the land; just breathing the air around here is enough to make your heart melt.

A fair is held in Panch Pokhari every year for five days until the full moon in Bhadra. The "Janai Purnima" festival is celebrated throughout the country on that day. Panch Pokhari is the best destination for Janai Purnima as witch doctors, especially from the Tamang community, perform their dances all night. They perform their dances in their local clothes and language.

Panch Pokhari is also the origin of the Indravati River. These five ponds are all named after different Hindu gods; Bhairav Kunda, Saraswati Kunda, Ganesh Kunda, Surya Kunda and Naag Kunda. The temple of Shiva in Panch Pokhari is considered the wish-fulfilling temple where many believers come to pray.

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