"Karma is married, but I will go on a date with him if I get the chance" - Monika Thapa

Monika Thapa is the actress in the film "Julebi". She made her acting debut with this film. This anthology film has four female leads and Monika is one of them.

The film is scheduled to be released on the 18th of August on Friday. As the release date of the film draws near, both the buzz and the busyness of the actress have gone up. 

Thapa, who previously ventured into short films and commercials, is confident that she will establish herself in acting. Thapa majored in acting along with film studies at Oscar College. Along with acting, she is also passionate about painting and singing.

Here are a dozen questions by a Ratopati journalist to the actress who aims to be successful and versatile in her field:


Your debut film 'Julebi' is releasing soon. How much is it being publicised?

There has been a rush of publicity. Because this is my debut film. I am new to the film industry and the industry is new to me. So I am working hard to inform everyone about the film so that they can see my performance.

Do you feel fear or happiness as the film's release date draws near?

I am very excited about the release of the film and also very nervous. It's my first film, I think about how the audience will take my performance, what will they say about it. I hope that it'll be good and everyone likes it. The response to the trailer and the songs are good so I am excited for the film.

What kind of role are you playing in the film?

I played the role of a girl named Trishna. My character reflects the flirtatious behaviours, the thirst for love, etc in a teenage girl.

How was the acting experience?

The experience was very memorable and enjoyable. While working on the film, I had various fears and worries such as if my director would scold me, if I would not be able to act, or if my seniors would disrespect me.

Director Ganeshdev brother made us work in a very simple way. All the experienced actors behaved very well. They had a lot of energy for the work. Seeing them made him encouraged to work.

Were you interested in acting since childhood?

My parents are in Japan. I am a student of HM (Hotel Management). I went to Japan for HM experience and also try for Australia. While working in a restaurant there, guests, waiters and others suggested me for modelling. 

Some people thought I was a model and started calling me for photo shoots. That also got me interested in acting.

I thought about going to India and working and struggling to get into acting. But brother told me to do what I wanted in Nepal. So I returned to Nepal and enrolled in Film College Oscar.

In the course of my college studies, acting in college projects and advertisements made me fall in love more and more with it. I realised that many lives can be saved through acting. The audition for the film "Julebi" was going on at the same time. I was selected for the film after auditioning there for 5 weeks.


Do you want to continue acting in films, or are you done?

I want to continue acting in films. I've yet to receive roles for other films. I believe that I will get them after the release of this film.

What is your plan for the future?

I left HM (Hotel Management) after starting my studies in film. I want to be recognised as a successful and versatile actress in the film industry. The plan is to be recognised and leave a mark through different characters.


You are involved in the field of glamour. You must be interested in fashion, aren't you?

Yes, I am interested. I like being fashionable. It doesn't mean you have to focus on it or work for it. My favourite outfits are kurtas, trousers and one piece. I look hot and beautiful in one piece.

Any actors you currently want to work with?

I was very fond of actor Karma before I started acting. I feel like I really want to act with Karma. I am influenced by both his acting and personality.


Your favourite characteristics about yourself?

 I'm a very frank girl. I like to talk and play with everyone. I can easily get along with everyone.

You surely must've experienced love, right?

No, not yet.

If you had the opportunity to go on a date with anyone, who would it be?

Actor Karma is already married. But if I had the chance to go on a date with anyone, I would go out with Karma. Because I like both his personality and acting. I would get to learn a lot about acting from the date with him.

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