Being A Man

A boy is born into a family. On that day, his parents started to think about his future profession. His father believes that this baby boy is going to break all of his generational curses, and he starts to keep his expectations high. At this exact moment, that innocent child unknowingly becomes a man. 

Being the son of someone, who wouldn’t love to make his parents proud? He then grows up slowly. At his school level, he is forced to attain good results by his parents and teachers. He has been told that if he didn't obtain good marks, he wouldn't get a job or a girl to marry and would get humiliated socially. His father often reminds him that he is the one who has to take care of his family. That's exactly when he becomes mentally mature.

As he is about to complete his teenage years, a random person asks him, watching his tall height, In what profession are you engaged? The boy has no idea what`s coming next. He replies I am just a student. 

: Yet?
The boy leaves that conversation silently and asks himself, "Is it my time now? Isn't it too early?" He starts to understand the world and its functions in his early 20s. The boy already begins to experience a lack of opportunities, poverty, a patriarchal society, and political instability. He feels like a partner is needed to make his life a bit easier. But the marriage doesn’t ease any of his problems. He becomes the father of his children. He has to send his child to a boarding school; if not, society points the finger in his face. According to economics, there are uncountable desires and necessities but limited resources. As the number of people increases, the demand for commodities and necessities also increases. With modernization, who wouldn’t love to maintain a high standard of living? The man is the most responsible person in the family now. He has to provide something for his father, mother, wife, and children. He is giving them at least the minimum of everything. Providing quality food, an appropriate wardrobe, and sustainable shelter is the least a man must do. The man gets old and can't do chores properly now, but there is still a distinct willingness to make things comfortable for his family. He then gets sick and dies.

Do you know who this man is who died recently? The boy who was born at the beginning part of the story.

A man has to make money, take care of his family, and battle against every obstacle along the way. But is it enough to receive praise for a man?

How do people calculate the value of a man? It's confusing. Society measures a man by what he has: how wealthy he is, the car he drives, and all the luxuries he has. But when a man is tested by life, that’s when he is truly measured. Does he find a way to protect himself and his closest ones even when the money's gone? A true man of the standard passes all the tests, with or without money. Every man is supposed to raise at least one-two generation of the family. Society, on the other hand, compels men to do better than their fathers or grandfathers. The mental pressure a man receives for not breaking all generational curses on his own can't be expressed here in words.

What does it mean to be a man in today's world?

It means that no matter how hard you try, everything is put under a microscope and detected repeatedly. But you have no reason to explain it to others because WHO ACTUALLY CARES? People will search for your weakest point. Of course, there is at least one, because nothing can give 100% efficiency. They will remember you from your lowest of lows. Furthermore, you are supposed to pay for everything, open doors for them, and treat women like queens. But what if a man wants to be treated like a king? People will stare at him like he's crazy. A man spends his whole life being judged. Unconditional love doesn’t exist for a man. It all depends on how much he can provide.

Men make up almost half of the population, but they account for virtually 80% of all suicides. Why don’t men open up about their issues? Because they are just told to be men and get over it. If a man tells a woman that you are obese, then he must change the way he looks at all women. Similarly, when a woman says the exact words to a man, he's told that he needs to work on himself and be better. No matter how good a man is, a woman can simply divorce him and take half of his property and all of his kids. Even after all this, as a man, you can't cry in an open space. They will promptly rename you a loser. What a pleasure it is to be a man!

Being a man, one has to sacrifice too much and has to possess intensity to cope with every pressure that comes his way.

With all due respect to my mother, sisters, friends, and all those women who give everything for their respective families, men were never supposed to be under your feet. Don’t call me a masculinist, but if you have that feeling, your identity is going to disappear too soon. Ask yourself a question: Can you tolerate all these?

Shoutout to every man who is grinding silently to be a man. Keep your head high; you are winning, King.

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