6 "Master Managers" of One X bet arrested from Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, March 22: Six master managers of the online betting site One X Bet have been arrested from different places in Kathmandu. The team of the Valley Crime Investigation Office has arrested the members of the illegal betting gang.

According to Valley Crime Investigation Office Chief SSP Dr. Manoj KC, the police have arrested Dilip Singh Kathayat, Bhupalraj Neupane, Nayanraj Bhandari, Varun Kumar Singh, Basudev Pandey and Shivani Tamang, the master managers of One X Bet. It has also been revealed that the amount of 640 million invested in the betting was taken by this group to Cyprus.

In One X Bet, the player (the person who bets), the manager (the person who loads the money into the wallet), and the master manager (who takes money from the managers) are involved. The 6 arrested persons are the master managers of Nepal. The police have informed that they are being investigated.

The six were arrested under the 'Save the Youth' campaign launched by the Crime Investigation Office to save the youth from wrongdoing and misdeeds. They were arrested during the investigation based on the unusual transaction in the mobile wallet. Among the arrested, a single person has been found to be carrying up to 200 SIM cards.

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