Novel aspirants eye Almutairi and Afridi

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Abdullah Almutairi, 38, Kuwait, joined Nepali national football team as a coach last April. Under his coaching, Nepal played four international matches, securing a win over Chinese Taipei and losing against Iraq, Kuwait and Australia. But all of a sudden, the faith-winning coach abruptly announced to resign from his responsibility a few days ago, blaming an ANFA higher official by name though the resignation is still pending. Entire sports arena is confused and watching this tussle closely for what consequence it might reveal. Until this writing is being prepared, no conclusive outcome has yet arrived concerning the issue.

In the meantime, former Pakistani cricket captain and prominent international cricketer Shahid Afridi agreed to join Everest Premier League(EPL), a cricket tournament here in Nepal which will be held from September 25 to October 9. He also has personally mentioned such in his tweet praising Nepal as ‘beauty like no other’. Of course, the arrival of players like Afridi will circulate additional hope of refreshment and provide a beautiful window witnessing outreach of the global stars in domestic playgrounds.

Both of these sensational news waves are the indication of Nepali sports arena concern, its exciting aspects adjacent with evergreen instabilities. Out of the gradually growing global approach of Nepali sports (football and cricket – what I focus on in this particular writing), the aspiring young generation is observing the possibilities in domestic and international exposure for the future. We are historically enduring upheavals yet producing occasional results to spread hope in different stages. While dealing with all the challenges within, surficial dedication is always tangible in Nepali sports.

Despite our regional competitiveness and success, the global potential of our sports is seemingly unattainable if we attempt comparing that to our current picture. In every regional match we participate, we aren’t only quite competitive but also bag satisfactory counts of success trophies. But as soon as we appear on the world stage, we regularly lag behind and return home disappointed. Not to mention, players blame concerned associations and associations do the same to the government. Eventually, the government promises every possible plan, policies and budget for the next time apologizing for the contemporary weaknesses. This vicious cycle of crisis has been whirling around like forever despite reflecting any viable transformation very soon.

A big number of young athletes are emerging from schools and academies every year with high hopes and optimism who are unaware about the crisis until they face it personally. And the same batch regrets pursuing the career in sports, suggests the upcoming generation negatively about the environment and this unfortunate episode repeating time and again is vividly eclipsing the enthusiasm of youth inclined towards sports. International recognition of a nation today is not confined merely on ‘name’ but also with ‘fame’ in popular sports success. Games and sports are embedded along with the culture, tradition and fashion of a country and its citizens. Matters how serious we are about the tradition and culture of a nation, its development dynamics and economic success, it has a parallel imprint about sports.

So, can a sports lover dream or demand anything regarding the contemporary muddle in sports society? Let’s suppose, rampant consternation within has an optimistic way out – unfortunately which isn’t yet tangible. Everyone seeks a silver lining amongst overcast. As an educator, I have been aspiring pupils for a long time about the impending potential in the sports arena for interest. I see zeal in the shining eyes in these aspirants but most often I confine myself in slender suggestions rather than being a confidant in their pursuance. This unfortunate exasperation to behold definitely circulates hesitation in the upcoming talents in the field. Nevertheless, entire academic, business, professional and in common Nepali society hitherto are critical yet positive towards all going on in Nepali sports, positive towards the advancement and hold high respect upon as well expectant in exercise of the policy makers. Hopefully, an occasion in the distant future will celebrate our Olympics and World Cup success respecting all sports with equal value.


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