World's rare birds found in Barekot

JAJARKOT, July 21: World's rare bird species have been detected in different areas of Barekot rural municipality in Jajarkot district. 

Central member of Birds Conservation Association Govinda Singh said studies undertaken in different times revealed that the birds of endangered species have been found in Barekot. 
World's endangered Hadfor Giddha (vulture), nationally endangered Himali Giddha, extinct wildlife and plants as well as the kalo Chil, Kalij, kakakul, Lovipapi Garud and Karrasuga have been found in Barekot. 

Singh, who has been passionately spending his time in search of different species of birds, shared that he was able to detect 'Lobhipapi Garud' after rigorous efforts. He found the disappearing species Lobhipapi Garud at Barekot-2, Jeula. 

Singh claimed that it was the first time the extinct species 'Lobhipapi Garud' was found. 
Barekot sees 88 species of birds 

Studies carried out in Barekot rural municipality revealed that the birds of rare species were found. As many as 88 species of birds were detected in course of the study that was undertaken in community forests of Jajarkot in an altitude ranging from 1,891 to 2,309 meters, he informed. 

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