Government and Tharuhat Struggle Committee

The first phase talks have started between the government and the agitating Tharu Welfare Assembly, Tharuhat/Tharuwan Joint Struggle Committee Central Agitation Mobilization Committee. 

The government talks committee formed under coordination of Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa 'Badal' and agitating Committee have started first-phase talks at the Home Ministry today, said Home Minister's Press Coordinator, Kiran Bhattarai. 

Foreign Affairs advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr Rajan Bhattarai, and former lawmaker Bhagawati Chaudhary, are the members of the government talks committee. Similarly, Rukmini Chaudhary is the coordinator of the Tharuhat Committee where Premlal Chaudhary, Padam Narayan Chaudhary, Chandra Bahadur Chaudhary and Prabhat Chaudhary are the members.

Discussion would be held on 19-point demands put forth by Struggle Committee including withdrawal of cases filed against Chairperson of Tharu Welfare Assembly, Dhaniram Chaudhary and lawmaker Resham Chaudhary, declaring those killed in course of agitation, as martyr and arrangement of separate reservation to Tharu community at different bodies of the state including in the Public Service Commission. 

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