Nepal Health Conclave 2021 taking place on April 6

Nepal Health Conclave 2021 is to be organised here on April 6. It is an initiative of the media and journalism team at Trikal Productions and health professionals in the US Embassy Youth Council.

The organisers said the programme is the first of its kind interactive and public discourse on the status of Nepal's health sector. The event aims to address challenges faced by Nepal's health sector in the wake of COVID-19 crisis. It also aims to analyse the shortcomings in the national health plans and policies while considering the progress made so far through meaningful and critical conversations with stakeholders, as well as community members.

"The event will be an opportunity for policy reform to strengthen and reimagine the health system of Nepal. The Conclave will bring together government officials, medical professionals, public health specialists, media personnel, journalists and community leaders to have a productive discussion as part of the following four panels," the organisers said in a press release.

The Conclave is supported by the Ministry of Health and Population and the US Embassy.

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