Podcast about impacts of COVID-19 on Nepali Migrant Workers

Kathmandu - Amnesty International Nepal is going to launch a new audio series today titled "A journey of thousand miles" which highlights the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government responses to it on Nepali migrant workers. The series comprise six episodes and each episode tackles a different aspect of the migrant workers' experience post the COVID-19 crisis and features interviews with migrant workers, government officials, migration reporters and migrant rights activists.

 "Even before the pandemic hit, Nepali migrant workers were one of the most vulnerable population groups, being subject to constant abuse, harassment and exploitation at the hands of their employers and recruitment agencies. Some were forced to go to work despite facing risks to exposure, others were denied access to basic services and thousands were left in the lurch due to the government's last-minute decisions on banning travel across borders," Amnesty International Nepal said in a press statement.

According to the statement, this series is an attempt to shine a light on the stories of these individuals who have faced extraordinary challenges this year both at home and overseas. By inviting different stakeholders to the programme, it is also sought to spark dialogue on policy solutions required to guarantee better protection of the rights of migrant workers and the state's responsibility to ensure successful re-integration of many workers who have returned home this year.

The first episode of the series will air this morning across all seven provinces on 17 FM stations including Ujyalo FM, Radio Nuwakot, Radio Sindhu, Mita FM (Siraha) and Shuklaphanta FM (Kanchanpur). Episodes will also be available to stream online via Hamro Patro app and other podcasting platforms. A new episode will air every Friday and Saturday on respective stations. .

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