Minister Banskota takes stock of Danuwar’s academic performance

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Kavrepalanchwok– Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Banskota took some time out from his busy schedule and visited Sujan Danuwar at Paanchkhal Municipality-12 in Kavrepalanchwok district on Saturday noon.

The visit was intended to check out with the academic performance and wellbeing among others of 2nd grader- Sujan, who is currently studying at the Azad School in his locality under the patronage of Minister Banskota.

Banskota last year had pledged to provide education guardianship to the 6-year-old up to higher secondary school.

The Minister checked Sujan’s homework and asked him about his merit-based ranking in the class. Sujan informed the Minister that he had secured a second position.

Furthermore, he gushingly shared that his school had provided him with stationery materials and basic school uniforms like pencil, socks among others and he was happy to go school regularly.

Minister Banskota pledged Sujan to visit him routinely to check out on his academic performances. “You should score first position and I will come once a month to check out on your homework and performances,” vowed the Minister.

With Minister Banskota providing education guardianship to Sujan last year, the School Enrollment Campaign had kicked off in Kavrepalanchowk district. Sujan belongs to marginalized community in Nepal - Danuwar.

The School Enrollment Programme has been in the government’s regular calendar since 2061 BS under which the children of school going age are attracted to schools and are enrolled.

Various schemes such as free stationery materials and snacks and basic uniforms etc were provided to students to retain them in schools.

The Minister of Education, Science and Technology recently directed all local levels for making school enrollment campaign.

The local governments are told to enroll a child completing for years of age in the primary child education class and make arrangements for providing regular and alternative learning opportunities for every people above the school age group but deprived of regular school opportunities.

There are more 313,289 out-of-school children in the country until 2018, around 50 per cent of them were in Province no 2, according to a government statistic.

Minister Banskota, after spending downtime with Sujan and his parents for nearly half an hour, asked him to visit Kathmandu during his summer holidays to which the minor responded happily.

His parents were seemingly glee for their offspring getting an academic opportunity under the patronage of Minister Banskota. Banskota too expressed his happiness over Sujan’s academic performance what was improving over the course.

He said he would be visiting the houses of two other children who were also studying under his guardianship.

This year, Minister Banskota took educational responsibility of Pritam Tamang of Paanchkhal Munciplaity-1, an orphan, and Nishma Sunar of Paanchkhal Municipality-5, a half-orphan girl, who were studying at Gyaneshwori Secondary School and Jana Uddhar Primary School, respectively, since this new academic session. 


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