Earthquake survivors not getting relief

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Syangja –The survivors of the 2015 Gorkha earthquake here have complained that they have not received the relief amount for house construction. 

They have said they have not even got the first installment of the house construction grants provided by the government to the earthquake victims. 

“My house collapsed due to the earthquake. Three years have passed by and we have been living in temporary shelters. We have not got any relief as yet,” complained Loknath Khanal of Waling municipality-4. He expressed his distress that the shelter where his family has been living in leaks at many places when it rains and it is cold inside during winter. 

Another earthquake survivor, Gyan Prasad Regmi of Galyan municipality, although was lucky to get the first installment of the house construction grant, has not got the second installment. 

Humanath Parajuli of Waling municipality-12 is also facing the same fate. He has not got even the first installment. “I pulled down my house after it was completely damaged by the earthquake and constructed a new one with much difficulty borrowing money from lenders. They have given me the ‘red card’ but not any of the relief money,” he rued. 

The number of earthquake survivors in Syangja district is 9,333. The houses of 8,766 of them had suffered total damage and the houses of 567 partial damage in the earthquake, the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) office stated. 

Five hundred of the earthquake survivors in the district have not got even the first installment of the house construction grant for various reasons. 


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