Bhimdatta Municipality comes up with plan to preserve historic Brahmadev Mandi

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Kanchanpur – Bhimdatta Municipality has started works on conservation of the historic Brahmadev Mandi at local Tundikhel. 

Brahmadev Mandi is a place of archaeological importance. It was the main thoroughfare where most of the trade and commerce with India used to take place before. Its historic name is Baunnadhoka (52 doors). 
The Mandi worked as a flea market for Nepali and Indian traders for many years. 

The municipality has brought a programme for the preservation and publicity of the place. Now, it has constructed a wire fence around the place to stop encraochment. 

"This is an old mandi (open market). It is now in dilapidated condition. Only the remnants of the ancient structure remain here. The new generation would be informed about the archaeological and historic importance of this place of it could be preserved," said Devendra Kalauni, a local. 

Municipality mayor Surendra Bista said priority has been given to the construction of road from Brahmadev to Kuwani for attracting tourists to the historic Brahmadev Mandi by protecting the area. 

He said feasibility study has also been carried out for operating rafting trips to visitors in the Mahakali River from Brahmadev to Kauwani. 

Brahmadev which is located on the bank of the Mahakali River is the oldest trading town of Province 7. 


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