Kali Bahadur's growing beard draws monthly salary

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Dang – As hilarious as it grows, a person is earning a salary by growing beard for the past 12 years. 

Kali Bahadur Budhathoki, a resident of Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City – 15, gets monthly salary for just continuing with a beard that has grown without interruption for the past 12 years. 

Budhathoki, who works as a security guard at Western Development Bank in Ghorahi, receives Rs 250 as monthly salary from one Purna Bhandari, who hails from Tulsipur. 

"I am a construction entrepreneur by profession, whenever I visit the bank in course of my work I feel great joy looking at the beard Kali Bahadur has grown," Bhandari said. After seeing the serpentine shape of his beard I became so happy I decided on giving him money as an encouragement. 

Budhathoki confirmed that he has been receiving money just for growing his beard since 2005. "At first he started from Rs 50, now he has been providing Rs 250 per month," Budhathoki shared. He added he is glad that someone is giving him money by liking his beard. 

Budhathoki further shared that he has been using the money he receives for growing beard for maintenance and conservation of his beard. 

Budhathoki is a retired Nepal Army soldier. He said he used to receive Rs 100 for beard growing during the year 2000 when he was stationed at the NA's Durga Bhanjan Battalion. 

"When I had been a sergeant in Nepal Army, my battalion Captain Sameer Rana used to give me Rs 100 per month for growing beard," he said. 

Entrepreneur Bhandari has even taken a vow to provide money to Budthathoki until he lives by increasing the amount by little every year. Bhandari on Wednesday met with Budhathoki at the bank and handed him a collective Rs 5000. 


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