NFC, Bhojpur running out of rice stock

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Bhojpur –Nepal Food Corporation, Bhojpur, has been facing shortage of rice. 
Although the NFC, Bhojpur, has called for tender for transporting rice for the past two months, no contractor has applied for the supply so far, said the NFC Bhojpur Chief, Bhakta Bahadur Bhandari. 

The NFC, Bhojpur, has already called for the tender for the supply of 500 quintals of rice in the district this year.
The NFC, Bhojpur, has been running out of the stock of rice due to delay by contractors in the tender process. 

Problem might arise if food stuffs have to be distributed in emergency during possible natural disaster at any time in the district as there is no stock of rice at the NFC Bhojpur. 


National News Agency, Nepal


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