Political mishaps may befall upon the country

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Kathmandu - Chairman Prachanda looked beamed with delight as the upcoming unification of the CPN MC and CPN UML approches closer. He even disclosed that both the left parties agreed to integrate on the equal share basis, i.e. actually this is going to be a verticle merger since both the organizations hold different political as well as philosophical knacks.

They have been carrying out the activities based on the issues of socio-political and economic transformations at different levels in the country. The motivation behind such unification is cost efficiency, operational efficiency, increased public goodwill and more control over organization with multiple institutional processes.

Additionally, Chairman Prachanda said that he and the current Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli will co-chair the new party while the other leaders will be assigned the roles on the bases of their capabilities. He continued that the recent electoral triumph enriched the sentiment of the party unification at the different levels of the both parties.  

However, he exposed that he was alarmed by any political mishaps that may befall upon the country or the senior leaders of both of the parties since they had been tirelessly working on making the condusive environment for the peace, stability, social justice and economic growth in the country. Their unification, as he was saying, was the hardest slap on the face of the regressive and status quoist elements at home and abroad. But he insisted that the people were on their side since the only people are the sovereign authority in the true democracy. 


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