PM Oli to Biplav, "Why Betting, as the Game is Over?"

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Kathmandu- PM Oli termed the activities carried out by the Biplab-led CPN as the hilaroious ones. He stated this at a program held on the occasion of  twentieth aniversary of The Reporters' Club in the capital. He added asking, "Which classical theories had it been consulted to be the revolutionary and make a firecracker?"

"It's worthless to be a revolutionary just to rig money from already down-trodden Nepalese society. And, it's been an absolute non-sense to issue so-called warrant against KP Oli or even Prachanda. Such act of humours may qualify CPN for the roles in the epishodic humour-rich programs run by the celebrated Nepalese humourists Madankrishna--Harivansha or even the famed humourist couple Dhurmush-Shuntali."

Questioning the integrity and trustworthiness of CPN's activities, he  added, " The nation and the Nepalese people desparately waiting for the beeter livelihood, social harmony among cultral diversities. We need to value the people's wishes, should respect their desire to live a decent life among the other fellow citizens of the world. The country has already set foot on the path of development; such acts can no longer create obstacles."

"The political gamble is over now; no bet is valid. Now, it's time for works of development and reconstruction. The foreign-sponsored so-called political moves futher deteriorate the harmonious social fabric of the country; that's not the politics either." He further highlighted.


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