Two million kgs firewood used annually for cremation in Aryaghat

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Kathmandu, A total of two million kgs of firewood worth around Rs 20 million is used annually for the cremation of dead bodies in Aryaghat. 
The Timber Corporation of Nepal has been providing firewood in a subsidized rate for the purpose. TCN General Manager Raju Laudari said that around 170,000 kgs to 200,000 kgs of firewood is consumed monthly in the Aryaghat. 
The TCN sells firewood at Rs 10 per kg for the cremation purpose while it sells per kg firewood at Rs 13 for other purposes. 
Laudari said, “Quantity of firewood used to perform the last rites has decreased as compared to previous fiscal year after the Electric Crematorium Home came into operation. 
Deputy Director of the Pashupati Area Development Trust, Raj Kumar Regmi, said around 800 dead bodies are cremated monthly at Pashupati Aryaghat. 
It may be noted that of them, 50 per cent are cremated in Electric Crematorium House. 
The Electric Crematorium Home has come into operation from January 24, 2016. 


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