CIEDP team arrives in Bajhang

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Kathmandu - A team of the Commission on Investigation of Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) has arrived in Bajhang. It is led by its Chair Yubaraj Subedi and comprises of the CIEDP member Sarita Thapa, Under Secretary Purushottam Subedi among other officials. The team has met with the family members of those people made to disappear during the conflict period from Bajhang district.

The affected families have urged the Commission for the prompt investigation and finding out the status of the disappeared persons after it made public the names and address of 20 people who were made to disappear from the district in course of the conflict. On the occasion, CIEDP chairperson Subedi said complaints have been registered for investigations through the District Administration Offices of 75 out of the 77 districts throughout the country, and the Commission has already sorted out the complaints in accordance with the region, district and the local levels as well.

He also begged pardon for the delay by the state in identifying the victims and in providing relief. "Now we will forward the details of the people made to disappear to the local government. The local levels should collect information whether or not the disappeared persons have come in contact with family members and cooperate to the Commission by sending the particulars to it," he said. Subedi also urged those who have not filed complaint regarding the disappearance due to lack of information or any other reason to do so at the District Administration Office.


National News Agency, Nepal


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