COVID 19: Socialist Approach is a Humane Solution

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Covid-19, the catastrophe that the humanity faced in the twentieth year of the twenty first century, brought forth the serious limitation of the Capitalist form of health-care system. The inadequacy of the private institutions to tackle the onslaught of the pandemonium, created havoc not only in the poor and the developing nations, but also in the rich capitalist countries.

If we take one example each of a Capitalist system and a Socialist system, the difference will be very clear. All over the world experts are now comparing the US model of health and the Kerala (India) model of health.


The United States of America in spite of being the richest nation on the earth could not beat the Covid-19 avalanche. The super rich and most modern corporate hospitals of USA could not save the people of USA from the Corona pandemonium, for a simple reason: health care being beyond the financial capacity of virus chose not to report and get admitted into any hospital for the fear of being charged exorbitantly. The infected people remained at home and the virus spread like fire taking the count of dead in USA highest in the world. 

USA has very good hospitals but they are no good to the common people!


Since 1957, the state of Kerala in south India, has treaded a socialist path of development. Even when the Communists were not in power the state would move in a socialist manner. Today Kerala boasts of a Primary health Centre (PHC) every four km in the state. The successive Leftist Governments over the years have achieved this milestone which is now paying rich dividends. With these state run simple hospitals Kerala could face the Corona onslaught and was the first state in India to come out of the Covid-19 crisis. The PHC being open to all the citizens at no cost became the ray of hope to all the Corona virus infected people. Every case was reported in time and treated well, bringing wellbeing to all the citizens of the state.

Covid – 19 has taught us an important lesson: either we all live or we all perish, together. Money won't be able to save the miniscule rich in isolation.


Socialism is the future of mankind. We have to start building it now. In theory Socialism considers all humans as equals. Even national boundaries are meaningless in a Socialist world. The resources of the earth are to be used in a manner that would serve entire mankind not a selected few.  Food, shelter, education and health-care are the basic requirements of all human beings. Every citizen has a right to get these. Those who produce the material wealth must have a right to enjoy the fruits of their labour.


Educational institutions and Hospitals if made by the state resources, serve the population very well, bringing overall wellbeing. Profiteering at the cost of human life is unthinkable. Covid-19 has decisively taught us that.

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